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Community Auto Trading

This is an experimental community bot that enters high probability swing trades from Jayson Casper’s trade setups.

This ONLY available for the Teir 3 Founders Plan.

Per each entry, balance, stop loss, take profits and leverage are all handled by the auto bot team without possible manual intervention by the user. Only once the trade in placed on Bybit, the user is able to manually change the above settings.

For each trade good risk management is taken into account. Normally 1% to 3%, and up to 5% balance per entry is used.

The auto bot only uses USDT funds and Bybit's derivatives account.

Depending on different factors, Bitcoin and other alts can be traded by the auto bot.

The same bot can be used to take auto bot trades as well as to take any other Immediate, Future or Algorithmic Trades.

Step by step setup:

  1. If your API Key and initial BOT configuration is not completed. Follow the configuration steps outlined in the “” section.

  2. Navigate to the “Bots” section:

  3. Edit the Bot that you want to configure for SSS trading by clicking the pencil icon:

  4. Under the field "Copy Trading Subscription" select the option “CFB Community SSS Demo Paper Trading” and click save:

  5. Make sure that the Bybit's derivatives account has USDT funds.

  6. Trades being taken are logged into the CFB log which are sent to each user as Discord private messages. Follow the configuration steps outlined in the “” section to make sure that the CFB is connected to your Discord account.