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About Crypto Fusion Bot:

  • Crypto Fusion Bot or CFB is a set of tools for managing trades and setting up automatic trading.
  • CFB helps traders plan and manage their desired trades without being in front of their devices.
  • CFB helps traders eliminate emotional trading practices.

Crypto Fusion Bot Features:

  • The bot manages all aspects of complex trades based on user input
  • Initiate trades manually or algorithmically
  • Add multiple trade confirmations for added confluence
  • Set automatic take profits
  • Set automatic stop loss move
  • Register in the confirmations database your own confirmations by using TradingView alerts (Custom confirmations)
  • Store frequently used strategies
  • Copy trading capabilities
  • Manage multiple trades
  • Trade multiple asset classes
  • Build complex algorithms without writing code

How it works

  Webhook->>Bot: Signal
  Bot-->>Exchange: Entry Order Placed
  Exchange-->>Bot: Entry Order Filled
  Bot-->>Exchange: Take Profit Orders Placed
  Bot-->>Exchange: Stop Loss Order Placed
  Exchange-->>Bot: Take Profit 1 Filled
  Bot-->>Exchange: Move Stop Loss To Entry
  Exchange-->>Bot: Take Profit 2 Filled
  Bot-->>Exchange: Move Stop Loss to Take Profit 1
  Exchange-->>Bot: Stop Loss Order Filled
  Bot-->>Exchange: Cancel Remaining Take Profit Orders