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Create API Key:

Video Walkthrough for Setting up API:

Screenshot Walkthrough for Setting up API:

1. Create Bybit Account

2. Create API Key

Note, you must enable Two Factor Auth before you can create an API key:

Click on "Create New Key" Alt text

API Key Settings:

  • Select "API Transaction".
  • Name the API key according to your preference.
  • Select "Read-Write".
  • Select "Only IPs with permissions granted are allowed to access the OpenAPI".

Alt text

3. Copy/Paste IP Addresses

Copy the 30 IP addresses below. Be sure to copy them all with no spaces before or after the block of IPs.

IP Addresses,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Paste the IP addresses into the text box. Click the "Orders" and "Positions" boxes and click "Submit".

Alt text

4. Save API Key

  • Copy and then save the "API Key" and "API Secret" in a personal secure file. The "API Secret" will not be displayed again. After ensuring the keys are saved, click "Understood". Alt text

  • Login into the Crypto Fusion Bot website

  • Navigate to the “API Keys” section located in the left bar Menu

  • Click on the "+" button in the right side corner to add a new API Key
  • Add your new API keys to your Crypto Fusion Bot account
  • Enter a name for the API Key, and paste the "API Key" and "API Secret"
  • Set the type to either "LIVE" or "TESTNET", depending on what type of API key you created.
  • Click "Save"

Alt text